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> (HQ 10.4):  Maltz blurted out that there are two common words for mirror:
> {SIla'} and {neSlo'}.  He said that a {SIla'} was typically larger than a
> {neSlo'}, but he wasn't sure if there was any other difference.
> neSlo' tonSaw' Qav
> The Final Reflection (novel by John Ford)
>   "[For] The Final Reflection ... if reflection, as in image in a mirror
> is needed, he [Maltz] offered {neSlo' tonSaw' Qav}." (Okrand to qurgh,
> 9/01/2010)
>   "We went with {neSlo' tonSaw' Qav} for the title of the book, since
> reflection, in this case, refers to version of *klinzha* that is played
> with a mirror." (qurgh, 9/01/2010)
>   "It's an interpretative translation of the name of a book: The Final
> Reflection. The reference is to a variant of a Klingon chess-like game in
> which the player is simultaneously trying both to capture the goal and to
> move to avoid letting the goal be captured." (ghunchuwI', 8/01/2017]

>From this title translation, I am inclined to expect that one says {SIla'}
primarily for a mirror whose size has been established as large and that,
if the size hasn't been established or isn't relevant, {neSlo'} is the more
likely term, the way we use "cow" generically (if incorrectly) for cattle
regardless of their sex. jIjatlhchugh <neSlo' HInob!> ghaytan SIla' je
vIlo'laH. jIjatlhchugh <SIla' HInob!> ghaytan yapbe' neSlo'.

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