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You may be right, but what do you mean by “consistently translated as {pIraqSIS} elsewhere”?  The only example I know of is from Klingon Monopoly:

pIraqSIS HoS waw' ghajlu'chugh, loSlogh boq'egh mI' naghmey mI'; chen qav'ap
If Praxis Energy Facility is owned, rent is 4 times amount shown on dice.  (MKE)

FYI the paq’batlh example is:

pIraQSIS maS bIngDaq pIgh rur SaqSub chIm choSlu’pu’bogh
The Saq'sub lay empty and desolate under the Praxis moon.  (PB)


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In {paq'batlh}, "Praxis" (the Klingon moon) was written as {pIraQSIS} on p. 118-119 in the original printing (which I have). It has been consistently translated as {pIraqSIS} elsewhere. I've been told the spelling in the {paq'batlh} was a typo which may have been corrected in later printings. Does anyone have a later printing who can confirm?
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