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Klingon word: qulHuD
Part of speech: noun
Definition: volcano
Source: Email from Lieven 2018-02-01

(Lieven, 2/01/2018):  The word for volcano is {qulHuD}.  No space.

The most famous volcano on Kronos is Kri'stak {QIStaq}.  The first *bat'leth* - originally {batlh 'etlh} "sword of honor" - was forged by Kahless from a lock of his own hair which he placed in the lava from the Kri'stak volcano, then plunged the burning lock into the lake of Lursor and twisted it into a blade which he used to kill the evil tyrant Molor.  E.g.

  QIStaq 'emDaq jenchoH jul, yor DungDaq Salta'DI' tagh HarghchuqmeH poH 
  The sun rises high behind the Kri'stak, when it rises over its top, it is time to
    do battle.  (PB)

  QIStaq qul bIQtIqHomDaq 'etlhDaj vo' nuch 
  The coward threw his sword Into the fire streams of Kri'stak  (PB)

   QIStaq qoD DISDaq tu''egh qeylIS'e' DIS veghlu'chugh pa' Heghpu'bogh
     nuvpu' qa'pu' tu'lu' 
   In the heart of Kri'stak, Kahless finds himself in a cave leading to the world
     beyond the living  (PB)

In the paq'batlh, the lava-filled area inside the volcano is referred to as {qul ngeng} (fire lake), and its border ("shore" in the English text) {qul ngeng HeH} (or simply {ngeng HeH}).  This {HeH} is so hostile that even *thranx* ({tlheng'IQ}) does not grow there.  Kri'stak's top/summit is referred to as its {yor}. (PB passim) 

qul bIQtIqHom 		fire stream (n)
vaHbo' 			lava (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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