[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: 'ejyo'SeH yaHnIv

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Klingon word: 'ejyo'SeH yaHnIv
Part of speech: noun
Definition: Starfleet Command
Source: qepHom 2017

Lieven (LLL), qepHom 2017: page 15:

LLL:     The "Klingon High Command" is called {ra'ghomquv}, and their "Operations
          Command" is called {yo'SeH yaHnIv}. What would be the Starfleet versions of these? 
MO:    For "Starfleet Command," another alternative is{ 'ejyo' ra'ghomquv}, using
          {ra'ghomquv}, the word for "High Command." If Starfleet Command is of a lower
          level of importance than Starfleet High Command, leave off the {quv}, getting
          {ra'ghom}. But if Starfleet Command is the highest level (but, unlike the Klingons, 
          just doesn't use the word "High" in its name), keep the {quv}. If "Starfleet Command" 
          is more like "Starfleet Operations Command", then go with {'ejyo'SeH yaHnIv}. 

(KGT 52):   The highest military officer, the head of the Klingon High Command, is the {la'quv}, usually translated Supreme Commander.

I'd imagine {la'quv}  would also refer to Starfleet's Commander-in-Chief unless we find out otherwise.

The Original Series (TOS) writers tried out several names before settling on Starfleet and Starfleet Command, though perhaps these were sub-agencies within Starfleet (which we now know was in existence by the 2150's [ENT passim]):

  The Enterprise unsuccessfully attempted to contact "Starfleet Control" after being thrust back in time to 1964 Earth. (TOS "Tomorrow is Yesterday")

  "USFA headquarters notified of the mysterious loss of science probe vessel Antares." (TOS "Charlie X")

  Kirk requested "Space Central" to send teachers and advisors to the parallel Earth.  (TOS "Miri")

  The Enterprise library computer called it "the Star Service" while reviewing Ens. Kevin Reilly's personnel record. (TOS "The Conscience of the King")

  "Shall I report to Spacefleet Command?" (Uhura, TOS "The Squire of Gothos")

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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