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Savan, tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu'! 
I have been wondering for a couple of days now whether the sentence pronouns {'e'} and {net} might take the noun suffix {-Daq} to refer to the location where the previous sentence took place.

From the TKD, as far as I can tell nothing explicitly prohibits adding any suffix to these pronouns - only their usage in sentence-as-object constructions is described, but if you consider that the TKD only gives a grammatical outline of Klingon, well then maybe other kinds of usage also exist.

Imagine if we could write:

(?) {paq laD HoD, 'e'Daq jIba'} = I sit where the captain read the book

(?) {Hegh Subvam netDaq jaHQo'} = the place where this hero died is avoided like the plague 

What do you think? Does it seem to make sense to you the same way it does for me?


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