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Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Mon Oct 30 11:51:07 PDT 2017

“Talk Now! Klingon” addressed the restroom issue:

   be' puchpa'                         ladies' toilet (TNK)
   loD puchpa'            gents' toilet (TNK)

loD be' ghap might be better, though nowadays joq and/or may be more politically correct!  <g>

Using le'be' be unexceptional/nonspecific/general is another option.


From: naHQun
I've been asked to supply Klingon text to label restrooms at a hotel.
I presume {loD} and {be'} will suffice, but I figured I'd start a discussion as this list has enjoyed discussing restrooms in the past.

They also need a label for a gender neutral restroom.
People who use this restroom may object to {loD be' je}. I presume {Hoch} works for this?

~Michael Roney, Jr.
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