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TKD page 29:

This suffix emphasizes that the noun to which it is attached is the topic of the sentence. In English, this is frequently accomplished by stressing the noun (saying it emphatically) or by special syntactic constructions: lujpu' jIH'e' I, and only I, have failed. De''e' vItlhapnISpu' I needed to get the INFORMATION. It was the information (and not something else) I needed. Without the 'e', these same sentences would have no noun singled out for emphasis: lujpu' jIH I have failed. De' vItlhapnISpu' I needed to get the information.


From: mayqel qunenoS

I was wondering whether a noun which has the {-'e'} as a topic marker, can be used as the object of the verb as well.  Is the following correct ?

{verengan Ha'DIbaH'e' Darurbej}
as for a ferengi dog, you definitely resemble him

Or would the translation of the above klingon sentence be only
"you definitely resemble a FERENGI DOG" ?

~ nIghma'
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