[tlhIngan Hol] soliciting feedback for {boQwI'}

David Holt kenjutsuka at live.com
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One feature that might be nice would be some type of sentence building feature.  In it's simplest form, it would allow you to put words and affixes you look up into a memory and then click on the memory to see all the words and affixes you saved.  I wouldn't imagine that would be too difficult to program.

At it's greatest I could imagine that it would actually allow you to attach affixes to words and check for proper suffix order as well as allow you to change the order of the words until you have a complete sentence which you could then copy to paste into another app.  That would probably be a pretty complicated feature to add.

I suppose a compromise would be a simple list of the words and affixes looked up, but allow you to change the order.

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tlhIngan Hol bopbe' QInvam, 'ach tlhIngan Hol nIqHom bop. bISaHbe'chugh bIlaD DaH 'e' DamevlaH.

As many people here may know, I have an app for Android called {boQwI'} which has a lexicon lookup and grammatical analysis tool for Klingon. Due to interest in the Klingon language because of Star Trek: Discovery, and also courses taught by Lieven and André where the app has been mentioned, I've recently received a lot of feedback from beginners on how the app could be more useful.

It occurred to me that most people don't give feedback, and those who do may not be representative. So I'm soliciting feedback: if you're a beginner or intermediate student of Klingon, what would you want in an app? I'll be releasing a new version around Nov. 16 (during the Saarbrücken qepHom), and your input will help me prioritise what to add/fix in the next couple of weeks.


boQwI' (Klingon language) - Android Apps on Google Play<https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.tlhInganHol.android.klingonassistant>
tlhIngan Hol boQwI' / Klingon Language Assistant is a lexicon dictionary, canon search tool, and grammar analyser for the Klingon language ({tlhIngan Hol ...

Also, I'm still looking for a volunteer to port the app to iOS, which is by far the most frequent request. It looks like a big project to port the whole app, but for a first version, it would be sufficient just to treat the database as a simple dictionary and do a verbatim search (i.e., no identifying parts of speech, prefixes, suffixes, etc.) For an experienced iOS dev, I'd think this would take a few days at most.

Please reply offlist, unless you're replying in Klingon.


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