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For those who've seen the episode... Is the "mycelial plane" similar to "fluidic space" from VOYAGER, the extra-dimensional realm of Species 8472.

Sir'o' then would be a type of tlhoQ conglomeration?  pat system/grid? Or even DaH array/bank (of weapons, etc.)?  Possibly a type of qo' realm/world?


From: Wil Czak
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== SIr'o' ==

(noun) I'm fairly certain that this means "mycelium", in part because there's a pun (look up "mycelium" on Wikipedia and you'll find it quite quickly), and also because it works with all of the examples.

However, the examples are also consistent with something like "network", "structure" or "plane"; perhaps by analogy it has come to mean both.

>From episode 4 ("The Butcher's Knife ..."):

"This ships spore drive travels on a network of mycelium that's spread across the entire galaxy."

{qIb naQ velbogh 'atlhqam SIr'o' leng Dujvam SanmIr QuQ.}

"... when it exited from the mycelial plane."

{... 'atlhqam SIr'o' mejDI'.}

Based on the text of the Wikipedia article, "shiro" and "mycelium" are synonyms (both meaning a mass of hyphae). Given that, I suspect this might be a case of Okrand telling Lieven "just transliterate the English word" rather than a pun. Thus, the whole phrase <'atlhqam SIr'o'> probably means "mycelium", with <'atlhqam> included to contextualize the transliterated English word (well, Japanese loan-word) "shiro". So it's "fungal shiro" as opposed to some other kind of shiro (for example, the Ethiopian stew I just now learned about while googling "shiro").

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