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rIS joins the set of (related?) verbs beginning with rI- : rIt summon, rI' hail, and possibly rIH energize.

See the ja- set:  jatlh say/speak, ja' report/tell, jaw chat, jach scream/cry out, jang answer/reply, and jat speak incoherently/mumble (slang; cf. jat tongue).


From: Felix Malmenbeck

== rIS ==

(verb) appears to have something to do with sending out a signal, or showing up on sensors.  Lieven has written on Twitter that this word is similar to {tlhuD}. It used to be used to transmit audio, but now is apparently also a way to transmit life signs: https://twitter.com/Klingonteacher/status/912699349754400770

Quote from Ep.2 ("Battle at the Binary Stars"):

CONNOR: "Captain, incoming! Warp signatures detected!"

{HoD, paw vay'. rIS 'op pIvghor 'e' vItu'.}

In Ep.6 "Lethe", {rISwI'} is used for "transponder".

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