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Klingon word: verengan
Part of speech: noun
Definition: Ferengi

verengan Ha'DIbaH 
Ferengi dog (a classic insult) 
KCD:  "This phrase literally means 'Ferengi animal,' but translating it as 'Ferengi dog' carries more of the flavor of the insult."

Huch nobHa'bogh verenganpu''e' yIvoqQo' 
Don't trust Ferengi who give back money. TKW

ngIb ghaH verengan'e' 
The Ferengi is an ankle [an insult; cf. KGT 166]

tlhIngan yoH law' verengan yoH puS  	(standard)
tlhIngan yoH HoS verengan yoH puj 	(slang)
tlhIngan yoH pIv verengan yoH rop 	(slang)
tlhIngan yoH Daj verengan yoH qetlh 	(slang)
tlhIngan yoH jen verengan yoH 'eS 	(slang)
tlhIngan yoH 'eS verengan yoH jen 	(slang)
tlhIngan yoH ghegh verengan yoH Hab 	(slang)
tlhIngan yoH Hab verengan yoH ghegh 	(slang)
The Klingon is braver than the Ferengi.	(KGT 178f.)

qur; verengan rur 
greedy as a Ferengi. KGT

puj verengan; bIQ rur 
the Ferengi is as weak as water (HQ 13.1:9)

verenganar  			Ferenginar (GN) MKE

 "Listen to yourself whine like a Ferengi!" (Tuvok to B'Ellana, VOY "Barge of the Dead")

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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