[tlhIngan Hol] law' puS construction with law'

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Wed Oct 11 08:56:59 PDT 2017

On 10/11/2017 11:40 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> Using {vItlh} is a good choice, but isn't that only to be used with 
> regards to things such as speed, destruction etc ?
> What I'm trying to say is, if I want to say "january has more days 
> than february", can I use the {vItlh} ? Can I say..
> {jar wa' jajmey vItlh law' jar cha' jajmey vItlh puS} ?
> This was the reason which made me start this thread in the first 
> place. The need to express the concept of "more" in cases as the above.

*vItlh* is given to us as /be high, great (in quantity, size, 
intensity)./ If this translation is completely accurate, I'd expect 
*vItlh* to work the way you have used it. January's days are indeed 
greater in quantity than February's days.

But notice that *vItlh* is a lot more vague here than *law'.* With 
*vItlh,* maybe you're saying that January's days are more intense than 
February's, or longer. *vItlh* doesn't specify. But with *law**',* there 
is only one interpretation: there are /more/ days in January than in 


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