[tlhIngan Hol] The Keeper of Ca'non

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Fri Oct 6 11:29:54 PDT 2017

On 10/6/2017 2:13 PM, Steven Boozer wrote:
> *From:*mayqel qunenoS
> *< vaj, naDev chaHtaHvIS no'ma', chutmey'e' chenmoHta'bogh qeylIS lajchu'*
> *< *so, while our ancestors were here, they followed the rules created 
> by Kahless
> *no’*is grammatically singular.  So odd as it sounds, this should be 
> *naDev ghaHtaHvIS no’ma’* – although I suspect it’s a common enough 
> mistake, which is likely why Okrand always warns against it:
This is correct, although we've never gotten a canon example of 
specifying an inherently plural noun with a pronoun.

I have a theory that *no' ghaH* is not actually the correct form. I 
believe we've seen evidence that a group like a *qorDu'* is not 
considered a being capable of using language, even though it is made up 
of individuals who are. Perhaps inherently plural nouns like *no'* work 
the same way. In that case, it's *qempa' ghaH*/he/she is an ancestor/ 
and *no' 'oH*/they are ancestors./


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