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> On 10/29/2017 2:01 PM, nIqolay Q wrote:
> Since the *-Daq* is optional with verbs of motion like that, you can
> sidestep the problem entirely and just use the suffix that we know works
> here: *pa''e' nom yIjaH!*
> The point of shifting the noun with *-'e'* is to reflect its grammatical
> emphasis by making it the first word you say. A locative noun is not a
> topic noun, so putting it first does not reflect its grammatical role.
> Do what the book says here; don't invent new rules.
I'm not sure what new rule you think I've invented. Take a sentence like *pa'
vIjaH*. Is *pa'* not the direct object of the motion verb? If it's the
object, why can't it be topicalized and moved before an adverbial? If you
wanted to emphasize *pa'* (as opposed to some other destination), why
couldn't you put *-'e'* on it? The point of the question, as I read it, was
what to do if you want to make the locative noun also the topic noun.
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