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> How long has the {ngIq} remained unclarified ? Why ? Is there a reason ?

*vIqawchu'chugh*, *ngIq* was introduced at a *qep'a'* where Okrand asked
Klingonists to look over the text of the opera* 'u'* that he'd translated,
and discussion of new words was done entirely in Klingon. My guess is that
nobody asked Okrand for more detail because they assumed they had it
figured out from the examples even without a precise English gloss. Same
with the question of number agreement with conjunctions -- people probably
just went with what felt right without thinking of it as something worth
asking about.

> Is it so hard, for someone who communicates with 'oqranD and organizes the
> qepHom, to compile a list with the grammar which needs clarification and
> send it to 'oqranD before the qepHom asking for clarification ?

It's possible that the people who have Okrand's email address don't think
the questions are that pressing. It's also possible someone's already
forwarded them to Okrand and we'll get answers in November. It'd be nice to
have these questions answered. But I'm not the one who has to put time and
effort into answering those questions, nor am I the one who has to directly
ask Okrand for his time and effort, so I'm less inclined to demand that
others do those things on my behalf.

> How many questions would there be ? a maximum of 10 ? Are they so many ?

If I put my mind to it and I had a week to kill, I could probably come up
with a hundred grammar questions. "How do we use this word" and "can we
retcon this goof into grammatical Klingon" and "what is the preferred style
or phrasing in this sentence" and "would this construction be interpreted
the way I meant it to be interpreted" and so on.
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