[tlhIngan Hol] pronouns and {-chuq}

David Holt kenjutsuka at live.com
Wed Oct 25 12:29:53 PDT 2017

jatlh Quvar:

>> For example if I say:
>> {jIHmo' SupvIp vIghro'}
>> because of me the cat is afraid to jump
>> It is wrong ?

>No, because here, it's a noun suffix.

But you could also say, {SuvwI' jIHmo' SupvIp vIghro'} "Because I am a warrior the cat is afraid to jump."  I'm certain that what SuStel meant was that when you are using a pronoun as the verb "to be" it cannot take noun suffixes since it is acting as a verb and not as a noun.  Which is basically what my first response was also getting at.    

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