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I would advise against answering using {'oH} or {'oHbe'}, unless {'oH} is actually a key part of the question; answering it "It is." works in English because the copula "is" is used to link the subject to the adjective, but Klingon doesn't have any equivalent to that construct.

Instead, if you don't want to answer {HIja'./HISlaH.} or {ghobe'.}, I'd advise using the verb:

{teH.} / {teHbe'.}

Now, on the other hand, if the question is:

{nagh 'oH'a' Dochvam'e'?}

then answering with {'oH.} or {'oHbe'.} makes perfect sense.

It's similar to (Mandarin) Chinese, in a way; there isn't really a straightforward translation for the words "Yes." and "No.", so instead you commonly answer yes/no questions with the verb of the question, or its negation.


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In english (and greek if anyone wonders..) we can say:

Is it true ?

And someone can reply by saying "It is".

In klingon if someone asks:

{teH'a' ?}

Can someone reply by saying {'oH} or {'oHbe'} ? Or is the only acceptable answer a {HIja'} or a {ghobe'} ?

~ nIghma'
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