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Perhaps the {'Internet} example wasn't appropriate, because the {'Internet}
more or less tends to be considered as a "place", so let me write another

Suppose I want to express "molor sits on his pride". I can't write
{le'yo'DajDaq ba' molor} because {le'yo'} can't take the {-Daq}.

But if I write:

{le'yo' quS'a'Daq ba' molor}
molor sits on his throne of pride

Would it be correct ?


On Oct 22, 2017 18:30, "Lieven" <levinius at gmx.de> wrote:

> Am 22.10.2017 um 16:45 schrieb mayqel qunenoS:
>> {bIQ'a'Daq 'oHtaH 'etlh'e'}
>> the sword is in the ocean
>> There is no real ocean, but we use the {-Daq} on the {bIQ'a'} neverthless.
> In the phrase itself, the ocean *is* a real thing, so using -Daq here is
> not metaphorically.
> I think it's surely okay to use {-Daq} for a thing like the internet, and
> also on TV, having music in/on a CD, and any of the virtual places we talk
> about.
> I didn't find any real virtual locatives in canon examples, but maybe this
> works:
> {wa' Dol nIvDaq matay'DI' maQap}
> "We succeed together in a greater whole"
> This is one of the situations where I would say that we do not know for
> sure, but if it works, everyone understands and it does not break any known
> rules, then go ahead and use it that way.
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