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I don't think we know much about the proper arrangement of multiple "number
nouns" like {'op} and {latlh}. I'm not sure there's a significant
difference in meaning between {'op latlh...} "some amount of (additional
new words)" vs. {latlh 'op...} "an additional (unspecified amount of new
words)". Klingons (or at least Okrand) may have a preference, but I don't
think we have enough examples to figure out what the preference is yet.
Personally, I'd probably end up writing {'op latlh}, though not for any
specific grammatical reason. The English word order would make {'op latlh}
the first suggestion to pop into my head, and since it's grammatical I'd
just use that, without considering the reversed order.

(Incidentally, does anyone know what the proper linguistics term is for
"number nouns" like {'op, latlh, Hoch, pagh}, etc.?)

That said, I don't think you even need the {'op}, since {latlh} without a
{-mey} can still technically be singular or plural. {latlh mu'mey chu'} can
mean "one additional new word" but also "more than one additional new
words", which covers the "indeterminate number" idea of {'op} well enough.
(Or, come to think of it, maybe you can drop the {latlh} and keep the
{'op}, since the idea of {mu'mey chu'} would probably adequately convey the
idea that they're additional words.)

As with a lot of stylistic questions in Klingon, the question just comes
down to whichever feels best to you.

On Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 5:09 AM, mayqel qunenoS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:

> If we want to say "some additional new words", then which of the two is
> preferable ?
> {'op latlh mu'mey chu'}
> or
> {latlh 'op mu'mey chu'} ?
> mayqel qun'noS
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