[tlhIngan Hol] One more day

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Tue Oct 10 08:52:06 PDT 2017

On 10/10/2017 11:32 AM, Lieven wrote:
> Am 10.10.2017 um 17:20 schrieb SuStel:
>> Do I know for sure that it's right? No, but it /feels/ right, it 
>> doesn't violate any rules, and it is unmistakable.
> That's what you always blame me for doing. Gotcha! :-P

I'm not advocating generalizing the example, only saying that it /feels/ 
right to me. I'm not trying to convince anyone to use it or to accept 
it. When /you/ make "feeling" statements, some rule or observed feature 
is always a casualty. "I feel like third-person object prefixes should 
participate in the prefix trick, and I'm going to twist Okrand's very 
clear explanation into something that supports that." /My/ "feeling" 
statement here breaks no rule, tosses out no canon, AND has precedent, 
and I'm not even trying to convince anyone it's right. It's JUST a feeling.

So no, not the same thing.


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