[tlhIngan Hol] DSC Klingon Trailer transcription (NOT offlist)

ghunchu'wI' 'utlh qunchuy at alcaco.net
Wed Oct 4 15:40:25 PDT 2017

> On Oct 4, 2017, at 3:32 PM, SuStel <sustel at trimboli.name> wrote:
> If you have three Men and a Baby, and you say Man One and Man Two changed the Baby, there is a very strong implication that Man Three did not change the Baby.

It doesn't imply to me that Man Three *never* changes the baby, just that he didn't do it in the event being discussed. Okrand's explanation was focusing on how to interpret a prefix that doesn't match the possible objects for a verb, and addressed "similar" situations where it doesn't match the stated object. I believe that the mismatch need not be limited to person, but can include number.

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