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On 10/4/2017 2:33 PM, qurgh lungqIj wrote:
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>         To me {wejDIch} isn't a thing that can be owned by someone,
>         it's simply a way to count things in a list. Putting a
>         possessive on it just seems strange to my mind.
>     Imagine a situation in which a Romulan challenges me to a duel.
>     It's an honor thing, so naturally, I accept, but I hold the
>     Romulan in such contempt that instead of asking someone like you
>     to serve as my second, I instead assign that role to my pet
>     mugato. Would I not describe the mugato as *cha'DIchwIj*?
> A {cha'DIch} in that context is a special title for a specific role 
> though, it's not just counting something.

It doesn't have to be. Since numbers can act like nouns...

    *DujmeywIj tIHo'!
    HoSghaj wa'DIchwIj.
    'IH cha'DIchwIj.
    veQ Duj 'oH wejDIchwIj'e'.


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