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> The makers of that video cut off the wrong part of the first sentence.
> They apparently intended to cut out the reference to Donatu V, but what
> they did was they cut out the *temporally* corresponding part (at the end)
> of the sentence rather than the *semantically* corresponding part (at the
> beginning). If they had just listened to their cut they'd have realised
> that the sentence starts with {Do'natu vagh...} So frustrating, though I
> doubt it can be fixed now that it's been released.

Many people apparently just assume that whatever subtitle is on-screen at
the time something's spoken must be the translation of what's spoken. Maybe
this mostly works between a pair of SVO languages, but obviously doesn't
work between English and Klingon.

Someone had put {DagheS} as the Klingon translation of "Torchbearer" into
Memory Alpha, because the subtitle for the spoken line {Sech qengwI'
DagheS} was broken apart and the {DagheS} part appears on screen when the
word "Torchbearer" was said. I've fixed it.


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