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Mon Oct 9 06:51:55 PDT 2017

**DSC episode 3/4 Spoiler thread**

>> tuch 'ay' Da'otHa'ta', ngugh 'e' vItlhoj.
> You seem to be implying that I gave a spoiler for an unaired episode.
> My spoiler warning was for episode 3, "Context is for Kings" which aired in the US on October 1st.
> My e-mail was sent on October 7th, giving, IMO, plenty of time for global viewers to catch the episode.

I suspect the disagreement here has arisen because while the creature wasn't referred to as a "tardigrade" in the dialogue of episode 3 (that I can remember), it was described as such in news articles and interviews surrounding it. As such, depending on how closely you follow such media, it may be perceived as info pertaining to either episode 3 or episode 4.
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