[tlhIngan Hol] Meta: Discussions about new words found in Netflix' Klingon subtitles for Star Trek: Discovery

Felix Malmenbeck felixm at kth.se
Mon Oct 9 07:08:38 PDT 2017

As Lieven has mentioned previously on this mailing list, the Klingon subtitles for Star Trek: Discovery include a few new words from Maltz. These will be revealed in full at the qepHom'a' in mid-November. Until then, the only way to learn these words is to watch the show and compare the subtitles to the dialogue. Sometimes the meanings are quite clear, and at other times they require some guesswork.

I personally quite like this approach; I enjoy the "hunt", and it's actually how I first envisioned learning Klingon might work, until I learned it wasn't used consistently in the various series.

That being said, it is a bit unfair to our American chuDpu', who don't have access to these subtitles. So, it seems reasonable that those of us who *can* access them should use this mailing list to share our findings (with disclaimers that they include speculation).

So, the question then is, how shall we go about it?

Since there seems to be a consensus that we should wait for 48 ours after the US release before sharing plot details, should we have a similar guideline for words found in the subtitles?

Or should we perhaps aim to share the relevant subtitles and corresponding English sentences as quickly as possible (with spoiler warnings for the relevant episode), so that everybody can join in the analysis/speculation as early on as possible?

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