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mayqel qunenoS mihkoun at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 11:22:47 PDT 2017

Sometime ago, when I asked whether {ghelwI'} could be understood as
"question", I was told that the answer is "no", since the meaning would be
"asker", and not "question"..


At star trek discovery, there is the sentence:

{buQwI'vam 'omlu'meH wa' mIw tu'lu'}
there is one way to confront this threat

Can someone explain, why {buQwI'} means "threat", and not "threatener" ?

Now, don't get me wrong.. I am convinced that {ghelwI'} is "asker" and not
"question". And I'm grateful to the people who explained to me what was
going on.

But there is no way, I will swallow, that {buQwI'} means "threat".

mayqel q
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