[tlhIngan Hol] The Keeper of Ca'non

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vaj, naDev chaHtaHvIS no'ma', chutmey'e' chenmoHta'bogh qeylIS lajchu'
so, while our ancestors were here, they followed the rules created by

'a pIj, Qochmo' chaH, Suvchuq
but often because they disagreed they fought each other

vaj, wa' jaj, naDev nargh qeylIS 'ej jatlh
so one day, kahless appeared and said

Qo'noS puqpu', yISuvchuqQo'
children of kronos don't fight each other

'a HeQQo' no'ma', 'ej SuvtaH..
but our ancestors refused to comply and continued to fight..

vaj, Qay'qu'choH qeylIS, 'ej jatlh..
so kahless got pissed and said..

wa' nuv le'Daq tlhIngan ghantoHmeyna' naQ vInob
to one exceptional person I will give the entire klingon canon

'ej ghantoHmeyvam ghItlhDI', SIbI' peHeQchu' tlhIH'e' !
and this canon as soon as he writes, immediately you will all comply !

mu'meyvam jatlhtaHvIS qeylIS QomtaH chal tera' wutlh je..
and as he spoke these words all creation shook..

ghIq ngab
then he dissapeared

vaj, ghantoH pIn'a' quv mung 'oH wanI'vam'e'..
so, this is how the sacred institution of the ca'non master came to be..

mayqel q
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