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The point of the question was not how to make the locative noun also the topic noun; the point was to ask whether you could do with any type 5 noun what you can with a topic noun in moving it to the front. The answer is, you can’t.


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Since the -Daq is optional with verbs of motion like that, you can sidestep the problem entirely and just use the suffix that we know works here: pa''e' nom yIjaH!
The point of shifting the noun with -'e' is to reflect its grammatical emphasis by making it the first word you say. A locative noun is not a topic noun, so putting it first does not reflect its grammatical role.
Do what the book says here; don't invent new rules.
I'm not sure what new rule you think I've invented. Take a sentence like pa' vIjaH. Is pa' not the direct object of the motion verb? If it's the object, why can't it be topicalized and moved before an adverbial? If you wanted to emphasize pa' (as opposed to some other destination), why couldn't you put -'e' on it? The point of the question, as I read it, was what to do if you want to make the locative noun also the topic noun.

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