[tlhIngan Hol] Saying I'm not there

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ghe’’orDaq [luSpet ‘oH DaqlIj’e’]

For purposes of this discussion I am giving it the benefit of the doubt. Even this way is not of the X-Daq PRO Y-‘e’ variety.


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Am 09.10.2017 um 05:41 schrieb SuStel:
> Here's a sort-of example: *ghe''orDaq luSpet 'oH DaqlIj'e'.* But it's 
> not of the same form as the others, so it's not a good data point.

True. Besides, this example also includes the long discussed "possible" 
error of having a type five suffix on the first part of a noun noun 

[ghe''orDaq luSpet] 'oH [DaqlIj]-'e'

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