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And being on the subject of "things happening on a klingon body"..

An additional word, which would be nice if it was requested, at the qepHom to come, is "swell".

I'm sure, that for good or for bad, there are many things on a klingon body, which swell pretty often.

mayqel q

On Oct 7, 2017 22:02, "mayqel qunenoS" <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:
Is there anywhere in ca'non any reference that klingons don't sweat ?

I know that they don't cry, but don't they sweat ?

I'm writing this, because I'm surprised (not pleasantly), that we don't have a word for "sweat" (noun, or verb).

Anyways, I think this would be a good word to ask for, in the coming qepHom.

mayqel q

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