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>> An "odd number" is {mI' mob}
>>> An "even number" is {mI' mobHa'}
>> {mob} also means "alone". It seems the metaphor here is that an odd
>> number can't be divided into two evenly, and so it stays in one piece by
>> itself.
> I feel an opportunity was missed here to explain that Klingons don't have
> even/odd, they have "divisible by 3", "has a remainder of 1 when divided by
> 3", and "has a remainder of 2 when divided by 3". That would actually be in
> line with how Klingon mathematics is explained in TKD, how their display
> grids are shown to work visually in the shows and movies, and how the
> cardinal directions have been explained to us.

It's still a useful concept, even if it doesn't quite align with the number
system. Maybe they started using the even/odd distinction more often when
they made the shift to the base-10 system, and the old "divisible by three"
terminology fell out of common use like the old 243-lawmey degree system.
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