[tlhIngan Hol] wrong Klingon sentence on tumblr, how to reply or correct?

De'vID de.vid.jonpin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 01:58:37 PST 2017

On 6 November 2017 at 01:35, MorphemeAddict <lytlesw at gmail.com> wrote:

> So replace {net} with {'e'}.

{tu'HomI'raH SoH 'e' Sov wo’}
"The Empire knows you are something useless."

I guess that expresses a similar idea to "you are a disappointment to the
Empire", but why not be more direct with something like {wo' DabelHa'moH}?

Anyway, the entire point was that I can't replace {net} with {'e'} or do
any kind of correction, because there doesn't seem to be a feedback
mechanism on tumblr posts.

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