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> thanks !
> Actually I was wondering about whether the {tIng 'ev Sepmey} adequately
> expresses the "western" of the "western culture".

Maybe. We know only that {tIng 'ev} represents geographical west to
Klingons. But on oblate spheroids like planets, what is "west" is a matter
of convention. Furthermore, "Western" in this case is a label for something
which is related to geography, but not identical to it. For example,
typically, when speaking in English, "Western culture" encompasses the
European-descended cultures of New Zealand and Australia, but excludes the
indigenous cultures of the Americas. So whether or not a *Klingon* would
understand {tIng 'ev Sepmey nugh} as what you mean when you say "Western
culture" depends on how they were introduced to the term.

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