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> naDev vIpawta'DI', 'ej tlhIngan Hol vIghojchoH, jIHvaD jatlh nuv law':
> mayqel, tlhIngan Hol DaghItlhtaHvIS, napnIS mu'meylIj mu'tlheghmeylIj je.
> napbe' {Du'arghHa'moH}; {DuDubmoH} nap law' {Du'arghHa'moH} nap puS.
> meqvammo' nIvbej {DuDubmoH}.

Simplicity is a virtue, but it's not the only one. *DuDub mIvwa'* and
mIvwa'* have roughly similar meanings, but they potentially have different
connotations because of their different root verbs. The former focuses on
the idea that L'rell's appearance has gotten better, while the latter
emphasizes that her appearance used to be worse. Since Qov presumably knows
that the word *Dub* exists, I assume she chose *'arghHa'moH* deliberately
for this disparaging connotation. (I haven't seen the episode in question,
but Memory Alpha tells me that Kol and L'rell don't get along real well.)

Also, I'm not sure that a Klingon would necessarily consider *Du'arghHa'moH*
to be substantially more complex than *DuDub*, since they're
well-accustomed to verbs with multiple suffixes.

I suppose I could write the above in english, but if we don't write
> klingon, then what are we here for ?

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