[tlhIngan Hol] Okrand about peD

Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Mon Nov 20 12:22:59 PST 2017

For those interested in details, here's the transcript of talking to 
Marc Okrand at qepHom 2017 on Sunday, 19th November 2017, when he told 
me about {peD}:
MO: We just found a new word.

LLL: Really? Tell me.

MO: You got a piece of bread, a roll, with a hard crust, or whatever, 
and you cut it or you bite into it, it makes little crumbs.

LLL: In German you would say "krümeln". "Das Brötchen krümelt." It means 
the little crumbs are falling out of it.

MO: Yes. The Klingon word for that is {peD}.

LLL: So, could there be other things falling out?

MO: Maybe.

LLL: Oh, {peD} is "snowing" anyway. So it can also be used for crumbs.

MO: So the bread is doing that. Or has done that.

LLL: Would there be other... Oh no, it's not transitive, so you cannot 
{peD} something. It's only {peD}.

MO: [nods]

LLL: Is there anything else we need to know?

MO: Oh, probably. Most people need to know a lot  of things.

LLL: So I'll have the questions later. It's not a new word, anyway.

MO: No. It's a new usage.

LL: An extension of an existing word, I understand.

MO: Yes. And that's one way to protect the three letters words. Cause 
they're an endangered species. You told me.

LLL: You said it's for crumbs. What if I take confetti, for example, 
throw it in the air and it's raining down... so it's for everything 
falling down slowly?

MO: [nods]

LLL: But not rain?

MO: No.

LLL: So, water... If I'm spraying water we have {ghay}. And {SIS} is 
only related to rain.

MO: No; {SIS} can also be used for something else, but I can't remember 
right now.

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Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"

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