[tlhIngan Hol] new words: stations and commands

Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Mon Nov 20 06:17:20 PST 2017


Here comes some more clarifications for the words used in Klingon 
subtitles on Netflix:

For the archive: this is printed in qepHom 2017, page 15.
LLL: The "Klingon High Command" is called {ra'ghomquv}, and their 
"Operations Command" is called {yo'SeH yaHnIv}. What would be the 
Starfleet versions of these?

MO: For "Starfleet Command," another alternative is {'ejyo' ra'ghomquv}, 
using {ra'ghomquv}, the word for "High Command." If Starfleet Command is 
of a lower level of importance than Starfleet High Command, leave off 
the {quv}, getting {ra'ghom}. But if Starfleet Command is the highest 
level (but, unlike the Klingons, just doesn't use the word "High" in its 
name), keep the {quv}. If "Starfleet Command" is more like "Starfleet 
Operations Command", then go with {'ejyo'SeH yaHnIv}.

For the archive: this is printed in qepHom 2017, page 20.
MO: {jonta' pa'} for "engineering" is fine for referring to the room 
where the engine is (or engines are).  If "engineering" (as in "Scotty, 
go down to engineering and see what's happening there") means the place 
where the engines are controlled, that might be {jonSeH yaH}. {jonSeH} 
means something like "engine control" or "engine controlling." If the 
engines and the engine-control place are the same, {jonta' pa'} will work.

LLL: I'm not sure if the engines are in the "engineering room", but on 
the other hand, the {jonSeH yaH} could be located on the bridge as well, 

MO: For "engineering," you're right. The {jonSeH yaH} could be on the 
bridge or else somewhere else (in the room where the engines are or 
close to that).

This information from #qepHom2017 will be added to the page "Message 
from Maltz" on qepHom.de:

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"

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