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Here comes some more clarifications for the words used in the Klingon 
subtitles of DSC on Netflix:

For the archive: this is printed in qepHom 2017, page 15.
FYI: "Gormaganders are a non-atmospheric organism capable of living in 
the vacuum of space. Not technically a fish, but described as 
essentially a "space whale", as of 2256, they were on the Endangered 
Species List." (Memory Alpha)
Maltz had not heard about this animal and did not know about a native 
Klingon name. He was guessing that the word "gormagander" is a 
Federation Standard word. Maybe it's taken into English from some other 
language, but as long as that language is not Klingon, we (Klingon 
speakers) don't care. Regardless of its origin, it's now an English 
word. He just called it {ghormaghenDer}. The Klingons learned the name 
of this thing the same way the Federation did – from someone else. But 
it's still possible that there are other ways to name this animal that 
we do not know of.
{chIl} means "lose" in the sense of "misplace, be unable to find, lose 
track of."  It can be used for misplacing your keys, but also for things 
like losing the signal of something you've been tracking. "Lose" in the 
sense of "no longer have (presumably permanently)", as in "we've lost a 
lot of soldiers" is a different word: {weS}. This verb means "lose" in 
the sense of "undergo a reduction of" or "suffer a reduction of", as in 
"he lost a lot of blood".

To say "lose" as in "She lost the baby" or "She lost her husband" just 
say {Heghpu' ghu} or {Heghpu' loDnalDaj}.

Similarly, for "we have lost a lot of warriors," say {Heghpu' 
SuvwI'pu'ma' law'}. {SuvwI'pu' DIweSpu'} is fine, but it implies that 
the warriors are gone or missing or are severely injured and not 
expected to return (or to return anytime soon), but they may or may not 
be dead.

This information from #qepHom2017 will be added to the page "Message 
from Maltz" on qepHom.de:

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