[tlhIngan Hol] Logic and emotions

Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Mon Nov 20 03:31:07 PST 2017

Hello again,

some details about logic and emotions:
For the archive: this is printed in qepHom 2017, page 13.
MO: For "logic," use the verb {meq}. It's a verb that means, among other 
things, "think logically." I think Klingons would use a verb when 
talking about types of thinking rather than a noun.  For "emotions," you 
can use the verb {tIw}. This means "react emotionally, behave emotionally."

LLL: Can {tIw} take an object? As with meaning of "feeling emotions", 
being one's own, or someone else emotions?

MO: No. I don't think it can take an object. You'd probably say 
something like: {cheghDI' bangwI' jItIw.}

LLL: How would one say "feel" in the meaning of "sensing", like when the 
Betazoid says "I can sense a presence" or "I can feel that he is angry"? 
This is more than guessing, this is something that one perceives.

MO: The word you want is {jem}. It means "sense, feel, perceive, detect" 
and can be used in the way you describe, but also for a machine that 
detects something (like a smoke detector).

This information from #qepHom2017 will be added to the page "Message 
from Maltz" on qepHom.de later:

Lieven L. Litaer
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