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Several new words in the subtitles for "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum". Four which appear to be new roots (almost certainly canonical), a couple of transcribed place/species names (may or may not be canonical) and four Klingon names (probably not canonical).

== jem (verb) ==

Appears to mean "sense" or "perceive", and used to describe both technological sensors and humanoid senses.

{yInbogh Dep jemlaHbe' Hoqra', qaH.}
"It's not registered as a lifeform, sir."

{Qobchugh chaH, vaj 'oH vIjemlaHbe'.}
"If their intentions were nefarious, I would be the first to sense a threat."

{nabmeyDaj vIjemlaw'.}
"I believe I felt their intentions."

{cholbogh Hegh vIjemlaH. DaH Hegh vIjem.}
"[I can] sense the coming of death. I sense it coming now."

{tugh DunchoHbej jemmeH laHmeylIj.}
"Even your limited sensory abilities will improve eventually."

{ngugh Dochmey vIjemtaHbogh vIyajchu'be'.}
"I did not understand what I was perceiving."

{leStaHbogh 'ej rojtaHbogh qo' yIjem.}
"Try to feel the harmony and peace this world offers."

{nom cholbogh tlhIngan Duj lujem nochmey. Hovtay'vam lughoS.}
"Long range sensors have detected an incoming Klingon vessel. Entering the system at high warp."

== SIr (verb) ==

Meaning unclear; it might mean something like "signify" or "characterize", or "permeate", or something completely different.
I wonder if the fact that it's {rIS} backwards is significant.

{yuQDaq Dat SIrbogh wabvam Qoylu'.}
"The signature sound of the planet, heard everywhere on the surface."

== but (verb) ==

Meaning unclear. My best guess is that it means something like "be natural" or "occur naturally", but I'm very uncertain.

{Dat butbogh Dochmey, yInbogh qa' jemlaH vay'.}
"Everywhere you go, you can feel the symbiosis between nature and the living spirit.}
(I wonder if there might be a missing {je} here.)

{nov yIn, nov nugh je wanI'mey but SIgh Duj beq net tuch.}
"No starship may interfere with the normal development of any alien life or civilization."

== pargh ==

Meaning unclear. Might mean "be synthetic", or "ration", or "protein", or something else.

{DaHjaj Soj pargh wISopnISbe'ba', Sogh.}
"There will be no synthetic protein rations tonight, Lieutenant."

=== Transcribed place/species terms ===

It's fairly likely that these are by Qov and not vetted by Okrand, so I'll write them surrounded by asterisks for now to avoid confusion.

*qelpIya'ngan* - "Kelpien" (the species that Saru belongs to)

*pa'vo* - "Pahvo" (planet visited in the episode)
*pa'vongan* - "Pahvan" (inhabitants of this world)

=== Klingon names ===

These were probably coined by Qov and not vetted by Okrand.

*gha'vIq* - "Grafk"
*to'ratlh* - "Torath"
*SIlreq* - "Silrek"

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New word found in Episode 7 - "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad":

== woq ==
(verb) Appears to mean "confirm".

"Computer, confirm!"
{De'wI', yIwoq.}

"Identity confirmed."
{ghot woqlu'.}

Some transcribed words; unclear who authored them:

{buran} - "Buran" (name of Lorca's previous starship)
{ghormaghenDer} - "gormagander" (cosmozoan lifeform)
{'anISyum} - "anicium" http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Anicium
{yuryum} - "yurium" http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Yurium

> == weS ==
> (verb) Used when describing the loss of a ship. However, it's unclear who the subject is: If it's the one losing the > ship, or the one taking it away or destroying it. Seems more likely to be the former, but it's uncertain.
> Used in Ep. 6 ("Lethe"):
> "Starfleet can't afford to lose the Discovery."
> {DISqa'vI'rIy weS 'e' SIQlaHbe' 'ejyo'.}

This week's episode gives further evidence that {weS} means something along the lines of "lose", with the subject being the one who is bereft of something something:

{poH wIweSlI'.}
= "We're losing time."

{noHmo' ghaH DaweSpu' reH 'e' DajatlhtaH ...}
= "You keep talking about how you lost her because of the war ..."

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Felix wrote:
> == qanQIy loS and qanQI' ==

It's a typo and should be {qanQIy}. Robyn made this transcription, and
Marc Okrand has no (yet) vetted this.

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"
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