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SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Wed May 24 12:11:51 PDT 2017

On 5/24/2017 3:03 PM, Lieven wrote:
> Is there a canon precedent for a phrase like "The day on which xy 
> happened"? Like in "remember the day we first met". {maqIHbogh jaj} 
> sounds wrong.
> The only thing that came to my mind was from the Drinking song, but I 
> think that one is not considered a best example, is it?
> {jaj qeylIS molor mIgh Hoghchu'qu'}
> "The day on which Khaless" killed evil Molor.

/The Klingon Way,/ p. 177: *wa' jaj 'etlh 'uchchoHlaH tlhIngan puqloD; 
jajvetlh loD nen moj */The son of a Klingon is a man the day he can 
first hold a blade./


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