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Mon May 15 08:58:18 PDT 2017

> Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, May 15, 2017
> Klingon word: qa'rI'
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: end (of corridor, tunnel, conduit, Jeffries tube, sewer, road,
> bridge, long field, etc.)
> Source: HQ:v12n2p7

(HQ 12.2:7-8):  For the end of a longish enclosed space that one is typically inside of or experiences from the inside, such as a corridor, tunnel, or conduit (say, a Jefferies tube or a branch of the sewers of Paris), a different word is used: {qa'rI'}. This is the only word; it's used for both (or all) ends. The open entryway leading into such a space is called a {DIn}. If there's a door there, it's referred to by the usual word for door, {lojmIt}. {qa'rI'} is also used for the end of bounded space which is seen as having length even if it is not enclosed space. Thus, it is used for the end of a road, the end of a bridge, the end of a long field. (Maltz didn't think it would mean much of anything to refer to the {qa'rI'} of a square field.) On the other hand, if a bridge is under construction and lies halfway across a river or gorge or freeway, it may be said to have a {megh'an} (or {'er'In}). One could, in theory, hang a sign or flag from the {megh'an} (or {'er'In}), but one could walk on this incomplete bridge only as far as the {qa'rI'}. 

AFAIK there's only one example used in a sentence:

bIQtIq qa'rI'Daq pawDI' qeylIS 
    qojDaq Qam
    bIngDaq Qo'noS botlh legh  (PK)

[translation wanting]

At qep'a' wa'maHDIch (2003) Okrand confirmed that Kari is the mother of his twin nieces, Megan and Erin.  

chob  	corridor (n)
'och 		tunnel, conduit (n)
QI 		bridge (n)

tIq  		be long/lengthy/extended (of an object) (v)

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