[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: rItlh naQ

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Thu May 11 10:25:20 PDT 2017

>> Is there a defined way to say "to be dyed {color}" other than {nguv 
>> 'oH Doq.} or something similar with an explicit conjunction?
>> There's a part of me that wants to say {DoqmoHlu'}, but I've never
>> see that in use, even in a non-canon context.

> DoqmoHlu' it is made red/orange. This doesn't explicitly say that dye or
> staining was involved; it could just as easily apply to a pale person
> getting a sunburn.

Or having an allergic reaction?

(HQ 12.4:9)  For Klingons, even though there is a word for cry ({SaQ}), there is no word for tear or tears, undoubtedly because Klingons have no tear ducts. The only thing Maltz could think of that eyes do from time to time is redden ({DoqchoH}, literally "become red" or "change to red").

> On the other hand, there's no reason you can say it in two sentences.
> Klingon does that a lot. [...] nguv 'oH; Doq it is stained red/orange. 

{nguv} is used just once in the paq'batlh AFAIK.  Okrand also used two sentences:

  ghIq pum 'e' mev
    bIQtIq Doq legh
    bIQtIq nguvmoH 'Iw

I don't have the official translation available, but I render it as:  

   He [i.e. Kahless] sees the red water 
   The blood stains/stained the water

One might translate this more freely as "he sees the water, stained red with blood" or "he sees the red blood-stained water".


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