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Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Fri May 5 11:06:52 PDT 2017

nIqolay Q wrote:
>> {'IDnar lIl} is an idiom for performing stage magic.
> I'm not confident that this is an idiom. It seems quite literal.

It's idiomatic in the sense that one doesn't say *{'IDnar much} "present  magic/wizardry" which could imply actual sorcery (e.g. Harry Potter).

For those who missed it:

(Lieven, 11/25/2016):  The most common way to refer to a [stage] magician, like Kalibo, is {mIn yuqwI'} ({yuq} is "outwit, outsmart"). Another expression for magician is {'IDnar lIlwI'} <...> {lIl} is a verb meaning something like "simulate, impersonate". The idea is one of doing something such that the subject of the verb looks or behaves like something (or someone) else or represents something (or someone) else. The word has no connotation of fraud or anything underhanded (in this respect, it's like {ghet} ["pretend"]). The object is the thing being simulated or the person being impersonated. <...> "perform magic" (as Kalibo does) is {mIn yuq} or {'IDnar lIl}. 

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