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Because of the way my mind works, I immediately think, "How was a {morgh} originally defined?"  The obvious answer is a rectangle measuring 3 'ujmey on one side and 9 'ujmey/1 'uj'a' on the other.

Of course, Klingons being Klingons, this could just as easily be "the area of ground covered by Molor's blood when Kahless slew him," or some such.


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I don't believe we have a word for "have an area of", though you could perhaps get away with {yugh}, or maybe {ngaS} (though that to me suggests "have an area equal to *or greater than*".

Considering we have verbs for "have a volume of" and several for various lengths and distances, I expect there probably is a similar word for areas that we just don't know yet.

> Someone did the math and based on the measurements from the BoP Poster,
> 1 {'uj} ≈ 0.3483 meters or 34.83 cm.

Indeed; calculations can be found here:

This is exactly the post I thought of when I saw {morgh} as KWOTD. It's a very well-reasoned calculation of the {'uj}. (My only caveat is the poster doesn't agree with the ILM size chart's original length of 360 feet, or 110m to the nearest meter. But Felix was certainly aware of this, and besides, 344.53 {'uj} must be somewhat over 114.84m if an {'uj'a'} is "somewhat over 3m." And of course the disagreement between the poster and the size chart is the least of the discrepancies concerning the BoP's size: http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org/articles/bop-size.htm).


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