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I don't believe we have a word for "have an area of", though you could perhaps get away with {yugh}, or maybe {ngaS} (though that to me suggests "have an area equal to *or greater than*".

Considering we have verbs for "have a volume of" and several for various lengths and distances, I expect there probably is a similar word for areas that we just don't know yet.

> Someone did the math and based on the measurements from the BoP Poster,
> 1 {'uj} ≈ 0.3483 meters or 34.83 cm.

Indeed; calculations can be found here:

The measurements in the "HIGHLY SPECIFIC" category suggest that an 'uj is definitely between 0.3482 meters and 0.3484 meters. This puts an morgh at somewhere between 3.27356748 and 3.27732912 square meters.
If we assume that an 'uj is exactly 0.3483 meters, that would place the morgh at exactly 3.27544803 square meters.

All in all, 3.275 m^2 is a decent approximation. 3.3 m^2 is easy to remember, and will probably be accurate enough in many cases, though one should remember it's a bit of an exaggeration (like treating a yard as equal to one meter).

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> Klingon Word of the Day for Sunday, May 14, 2017
> Klingon word: morgh
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: unit of area (27 square 'ujmey)
> Source: qepHom 2016

An {'uj} is a Klingon unit of linear measure, approximately 35 cm.

(st.k 2/03/1999):  An {'uj} is a unit of linear measurement, roughly 35 centimeters; an {'uj'a'}, or "big *uj*" [...] is nine times as long, or nine *ujes*, somewhat over three meters. [...] Thus the existence of a unit known as a "big *uj*" ({'uj'a'}) does not mean there's a mathematically related diminutive counterpart (a "little *uj*," or {'ujHom}).

Someone did the math and based on the measurements from the BoP Poster, 1 {'uj} ≈ 0.3483 meters or 34.83 cm.

AFAIK never used in a sentence.

N.B. Do not confuse with the verb {morgh} "protest".

?{morgh} also appears as a morpheme in the unrelated nouns {may'morgh} "battle array" and {rejmorgh} "worrywart".

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