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- allergy/intolerance/hypersensitivity

With so many new plant words recently, including one for "pollen", I figure the time is ripe to start complaining about them!

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Jeremy Silver asks:
> I might have mentioned in a discussion so it might have been buried:

AFAIK we do have words that are somewhat related, but not exactly what you're seeking:

> rhythm (e.g drum-beat) (n)

wab             sound, noise (n)

QoQ             music (n)

(HQ 2.4):  meaning musical sound, whether or not a Klingon voice is participating in producing this sound

moq             beat (something with an implement) (v) -- which is specifically associated with music:

(KGT 74-75):  The general term for a percussion instrument of any kind is {'In}. [...] Other members of this group of instruments are hit with a stick of some kind. [...] To strike the instrument with a stick is to {moq} ("beat") the instrument.

> Just needed something for:
> shake/vibrate (v)

Qom             experience an earthquake/tremor, tremble (v)

  Qom Qu'
  The mission experiences a tremor. KGT

  Qom He
  The route experiences a tremor. KGT

  Qompu' Duj
  The ship has experienced a tremor. KGT

  Qombe'!  nISbe' jevwI', 'ej not ruS baq.
  That looks on tempests and is never shaken.
  [lit. "It does not tremble! The storm does not disrupt it,
   and it never terminates the bond."] (Sonnet 116)

joq             flap, flutter, wave, beat (heart) (v)
vIH             move, be in motion (v)

Until we learn otherwise, I would (metaphorically?) use {Qom} for big, violent shaking and {joq} for smaller-scale vibrations or throbbing.

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