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pIw                  odor (n)
largh                smell (sense odors) (v)
He'                   smell (emit odor) (v)
He'So'             stink (v)

(KGT 86):  The verb meaning "smell" -- that is, sense odors - is {largh}. The word for "emit a smell" is {He'}. This does not necessarily imply a bad smell. Odors are not considered "good" or "bad"; they are just odors. There may be a subjective evaluation of the source of the odor, however. It is a compliment to suggest that someone smells like *rokeg* blood pie not because the smell itself is good, but rather because the food carries with it positive associations. On the other hand, it is most insulting to say that someone smells like rotting *forshak*.

(KGT 85-86):  From the Klingon point of view, it is not accurate to say that a particular food is sour; rather, it tastes and smells sour. That is, sourness is not an intrinsic quality of the food; it is a perception, the effect the food has upon the senses of smell and taste, the Klingon sense of smell being particularly highly developed.

DaH vay' vIlarghlaH
Now I can smell something! CK

vay' DalarghDI' yIqaw
Remember the scent. (i.e. "Learn from your experiences") TKW

reH bang larghlu'
Love is always smelled ("A loved one is always smelled"). TKW

SumchoH mangghom 'Iw largh
The army closes in, smelling blood. PB

pa' 'elDI' Duj
  'Iw HIq pIw qagh pIw je lularghlu'chu'
The smell of bloodwine and gagh
  Filled the barge upon entering. PB

"Klingons have a highly developed sense of smell." (Data, TNG "Genesis")

"She must see the fire in your eyes. [...] Words come later. It is the scent that first speaks of love." (Worf counseling Geordi, TNG "Transfigurations")

B'Ellana burned some Klingon incense in her quarters; Janeway comments, "Interesting fragrance. I'm surprised it hasn't set off the environmental alarms." (VOY "Nothing Human")

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." (Shakespeare, "Romeo and Juliet", quoted in TOS "By Any Other Name")

"Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell bad." (Spock to Android Norman, TOS "I, Mudd")

(Hey, it's what I do!)

On Behalf Of Felix Malmenbeck


- sweat

Example sentences:

"Do fish sweat?"
"The dancer was sweating profusely."
"I'm covered in sweat."
"Sweat tastes salty."
"The corridors smell of sweat."
"The scent of sweat excites me."

It's interesting to note that we've had a word for "deodorant" (noSvagh) since the first edition of TKD, but still no word for sweat :P
...then again, knowing Klingons, sweat is probably one scent they *don't* want to get rid of.
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