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On 3/24/2017 6:13 PM, Felix Malmenbeck wrote:
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> Another thing that might be useful for discussing pumping is expressions for describing repeated actions. Examples of useful distinctions might include:
> repeatedly
> do and then undo

This is the sort of thing Klingon doesn't do generically, but it does 
well specifically. For instance, *bagh; ghIq baghHa'*/tie; then untie./

> (ir)regularly

I would expect *roD* /regularly /and **roDHa'* /irregularly /for this, 
though the latter is unattested.

> periodically

Either *roD* or *rut* will work for this, depending on which meaning of 
/periodically/ you mean.

> cyclically
> ad infinitum
> with (increasing/decreasing/oscillating/unchanged) amplitude
> with (increasing/decreasing/oscillating/unchanged) frequency
> For example, if we pretend that we have adverbs with these "definitions":
> {[irregularly] joqtaH tIqwIj.}
> ("My heart is beating irregularly.")

Right now we can say *roD joqtaHbe' tIqwIj,* though it would be nice if 
we knew we could say **roDHa' joqtaH tIqwIj.*

> {[with increasing frequency] rontaH peng.}
> ("The torpedo is spinning (about its axis) faster and faster.")

We can currently say things like *DIngtaH peng 'ej ghurtaH Do*/the 
torpedo is spinning and the velocity is increasing. /I wonder if *tajvaj 
Do* works for /angular velocity.../

> {[with increasing frequecny] [with decreasing amplitude] bavchuqtaH luSpetmey.}
> ("The black holes were orbiting each other closer and closer and faster and faster.")

Again, we can approximate this (and I'm not saying that makes the 
suggestions invalid) with *bavchuqtaH luSpetmey; choltaH 'ej ghurtaH 
Dochaj*/the black holes are orbiting each other; they are getting closer 
and their speeds are increasing./

I would point out that we do have a canonical example of the expression 
of something with increasing frequency, though not of the kind you mean: 
*beyHom bey bey'a' jachtaH */roar in a great crescendo /(SkyBox S31). 
Who knows? If this sort of thing can be generalized, perhaps we can say 
**DoHom Do Do'a'* for /faster and faster./

> {[repeatedly] [do and undo] chovnatlh bIrmoH QulwI'.}
> ("The researcher cooled and heated the sample.")

/Cooled and heated/ is certainly *bIrmoHta' 'ej tujmoHta'* /made cold 
and made hot;/ no special word is needed.

> {[ad infinitum] [cyclically] [do and undo] Sach 'u' 'e' luHar 'op tejpu'.}
> ("Some scientists believe that the universe expands and contracts in an eternal cycle.")

*reH* /always /seems to work for /eternal///, and *Sach 'ej SachHa'* 
means /expand and contract./ It's just the /cycle/ part that's tricky.


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