[tlhIngan Hol] yay bom bom mu'mey

Jeremy Silver jp.silver at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Mar 23 04:41:24 PDT 2017

I'm guessing most consider the guessed lyrics of the "victory song" from 
Birthright part 2 to be either:
* assumed to be in some ancient dialect (as an in-universe explanation)
* the worst kind of paramount hol with several random nonsense words lifted 
from the dictionary and mangled so badly by the script-writers this song is 
the very reason the term {Dap bom} was coined.

One of my ongoing projects was to; if we assume a song about victory, actually 
contains the word for victory; that it might be possible to turn it in to a 
song of mostly meaningful {ta'Hol} that can be sung to the tune, and sound 
vaguely right if you squint your ears, and take into account the ways the 
standard latin orthography might be mispronounced by those scriptwriters.
Some might be aware of an earlier draft, published elsewhere, that I am now 
less happy with.

vaj,  vebbogh bom mu'mey vImuch... mawup!:

bach! chal wovmoH
SuvchoHpu' wo'

yay'a'! 'ey 'oH
yay'a'! 'ey 'oH
yay'a'! 'ey 'o-'oH

meHDaq luchu'
jIHDaq matu'
pa'! Doq jaghna'

tepmaj neHqu'
mughob qoHpu'
yay'a'! 'ey 'oH
yay'a'! 'ey 'oH
yay'a'! 'ey 'o-'oH

vang yaS cha'DIch
Hong SeHlaw SIch
wIjun 'e' chaw'
gheDmaj HoHta'

yay'a'! 'ey 'oH
yay'a'! 'ey 'oH
yay'a'! 'ey 'o-'oH

Can you all make enough sense of it that this might work?
Any suggestions for improvements, or errors to fix?


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