[tlhIngan Hol] mu' chu' chabal tetlh!

Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Tue Mar 21 15:02:35 PDT 2017

Am 21.03.2017 um 22:37 schrieb Jeremy Silver:
>> We already have /beach:/ *bIQ'a' HeH.* This will often work for /coast/
> We do? Please remind me of the source on this one.

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> While we're discussing *bIQ'a' HeH*, and to confirm if I'd be using it
> correctly, how would you all interpret:
> {bIQ'a' 'ev tIng HeH}

"border of the western ocean"? West-coast?

>> > Don't know if Marc's painted himself into a corner with turning "row
>> > your boat" into "propel your ship", but a {vo'wI'} can mean a few
> things.
>> Did he translate that? I don't remember this. What is the source?

I don't think he translated that. This phrase comes from a comment by 
KCD executive producer Keith Halper about the "Warriors Anthem":

"The literal translation is always skewed a bit, so if you send him 
[Okrand] 'Row, row, row your boat,' you'll get back 'Propel, propel, 
propel your craft.' "

See the full quote in the Wiki:

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